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Connecting Culture and Commerce 2007

Connecting Culture and Commerce: Getting the Right Balance

Alan Yentob, BBC's Creative Director
Friday 26th January 2007, National Gallery, London

The Connecting Culture and Commerce Conference provided a forum for high profile expert speakers and representatives from the cultural, media, education, commerce and Government sectors to debate how to balance cultural and commercial interests. The challenges of opening wider public access whilst protecting rights has been set against emerging business and licensing models, technological change, the legislative framework and the demands of the 21 st Century. It has been an opportunity to openly challenge misconceptions about roles and to start discussing new working practices and partnerships.

This is a critical time for museums, galleries and other owners of heritage collections. Issues surrounding creative industries, technology and new media together with discussions about Intellectual Property Rights are being played out at the highest political levels and the landscape has the potential to be reshaped dramatically. Cultural heritage organisations need to embrace these developments and position themselves to ensure that they are represented as a sector that provides cultural content, free at the point of access, whilst looking to the rights that they own themselves to develop models to sustain their core activities.

The Museums Copyright Group - representing the concerns of a range of museums in the area of copyright - and King’s College London - one of the UK’s leading academic institutions and active collaborator with the cultural and heritage sector,- jointly hosted this ground breaking conference in response to these Government-led initiatives and as an opportunity to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the foundation of the Museums Copyright Group.

Presentations and Audio

All the presentations of the day are available here in audio format for download (mp3) and where there was a powerpoint or word document, they are provided here in PDF:

  • Welcome to the day and the National Gallery from King's College London  Audio [400KB]
  • Introduction to the day from Peter Wienand (Chair, Museums Copyright Group and Head of IP, Farrers)  Audio [1.32MB]  ---  [PDF]
  • Introduction to the day from Simon Tanner (Director, King's Digital Consultancy Services)  Audio [838KB]
  • Alan Yentob (BBC's Creative Director) interviewed by Sandy Nairne (Director, National Portrait Gallery) explores the relationship between culture and commerce  Audio [6.13MB]
  • Alex Beard (Deputy Director, Tate): Museums' perspective and their role as owners and users of intellectual property  Audio [5.19MB]  ---  [PDF]
  • Prof. Charles Oppenheim (Professor of Information Science, Loughborough University): The synergy between culture, commerce and education  Audio [5.60MB]  ---  [PDF]
  • Ben White (Copyright and Compliance Manager, British Library): Perspectives on the Gowers Review of Intellectual property  Audio [2.28MB]
  • Nick Poole (Director, MDA): Perspectives on the Gowers Review of Intellectual property  Audio [684KB]
  • Gretchen Wagner (General Counsel, ARTstor): ARTstor  Audio [5.88MB]
  • Tony Travers (Director, London School of Economics): Museums and Galleries in Britain - Economic, social and creative impacts  Audio [5.50MB]  ---  [PDF]
  • CCAC Panel: Naomi Korn (IP Consultant, Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy), Harriet Bridgeman (Managing Director, The Bridgeman Art Library), David Dawson (Senior Policy Advisor, Museums, Libraries and Archives Council), Catherine Draycott (Head, Medical Photographic Library, Wellcome Library), David Ferguson (Media composer and Chair, British Academy of Composers and Songwriters), Sara Milne (CEO, Science and Media LLP), Nick Poole (Director, MDA) and Ben White (Copyright and Compliance Manager, British Library): A panel discussion with seven leading practitioners address issues raised by delegates  Audio [7.90MB]
  • Summary by Peter Wienand (Chair, Museums Copyright Group)  Audio [1.37MB]  ---  [PDF]
  • Final words by Simon Tanner (Director, King's Digital Consultancy Services) Audio [144KB]


All of these items provided here are protected by copyright. Copyright is retained by the presenter and King's College London. You are welcome to download these presentations and audio files for your non commercial purposes only. Please contact King's College London and/or the respective presenter if you wish to use them for any other purpose, including commercial use.


From left to right: Simon Tanner, Peter Wienand, Sandy Nairne and Alan Yentob